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Curriculum Changes and Transferring Credit

Please contact your new proposed program of study to determine their preferred method of application. Some departments require a new graduate application with all required materials, including an application fee, while others require the student complete the Graduate Student Request Form.

Students requesting to transfer coursework taken at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign as an undergraduate or professional (Law/Vet Med) student may request a Change of Course Level. Please consult with your academic program office regarding this request.

The Graduate Student Request Form may be used to change a student’s major curriculum, add or drop minors and concentrations attached to a students major curriculum, or transfer coursework. Individual types of requests are listed below with the information that is required of the student to submit with their request:

Change of Major Degree Program

  • Student Statement
  • New Degree Objective
  • Effective Term (Fall/Year, Spring/Year, Summer/Year)
  • Additional Documentation at the request of the new department*

*Please note that when changing major departments, it is customary that relevant information in your student file (such as Annual Academic Progress reviews) may be shared between your current department and the department you are applying to.

Adding or Dropping a Minor or Concentration

  • Student Statement
  • Name of Minor/Concentration
  • List of Courses taken to fulfill Minor Requirements
  • Effective Term

Transfer of Coursework taken as a non-degree student at UIUC

  • Student Statement
  • Course Information (CRNs, course departments, titles, credit hours, terms)

Transfer of Coursework from one graduate degree program to another

  • Student Statement
  • Course Information (CRNs, Course departments, titles, credit hours, terms)

Transfer of Coursework from another Accredited Institution

  • Student Statement
  • New official, sealed transcript from accredited institution (may be electronic transcript submitted via third-party service)
  • Signed and dated statement from transfer institution affirming that the courses were not used toward another degree (if degree was awarded)

After the student has consulted with their current academic program, and the program of interest (if applicable), the student may submit the completed Graduate Student Request Form to their current academic program office. Their current academic program will route the form for review to appropriate faculty/staff. Once departmental review has been completed, the Graduate Student Request Form will be submitted to the Graduate College.


Graduate College Review

Requests are reviewed in the order that they are received in the Graduate College. Once a decision has been made, the official decision will be communicated via email to the student, the student’s current academic program, and the second academic program (if applicable).