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Guaranteed Support

Several units on campus guarantee their PhD students support, which they feel:

  • Alleviates student worry about continued funding
  • Supports students making satisfactory progress
  • Recruits the best students


Crop Sciences: One of the best things we provide all of our Ph.D. students is a commitment at the beginning of their programs of at least 50% RA support for the duration of their programs as long as they make satisfactory progress.


Pathobiology: By March 1st, letters of acceptance are sent to the selected applicants. The letters must state the commitment to financial support (TA or RA position, % time and guaranteed length of support). Committee members believe that guaranteeing support to a student throughout his/her graduate program is important for recruitment of top students.


Psychology: The 6 years of financial support that we guarantee to our students in good standing is rather unusual in the field of Psychology, and I believe it is also unusual across departments on our campus. Of course, it is the combination of external research funding and the demand for our undergraduate courses that makes this possible. But it allows us to determine our admissions numbers and make our admissions decisions keeping in mind that we are making a six-year commitment to the students we admit, and we can plan accordingly.


Slavic Languages and Literature: Our unit has given priority to properly supporting our students and trying to create the conditions necessary for them to succeed in their studies rather than stretching resources and underfunding continuing students so as to grow the program.