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Spring Academic Calendar

Part of Term (POT) values indicate the time frame for the course.  The Class Schedule shows what part of term each course is scheduled in to assist with identifying deadlines.

For information about refund deadlines, please refer to the Office of the Registrar.

Spring 2024 Dates/Deadlines

Spring 2024 Registration Deadlines

Part of Term Class 1 A B Non-Standard
POT Description Full term First 8 Weeks Second 8 Weeks Course starts/ends outside of standard term dates
Length of course in weeks 16 8 8 Varies
Term dates including finals Jan 16-May 10 Jan 16-Mar 8 Mar 18- May 10 Varies
CANCEL semester for 100% refund Jan 15: 11:59PM Jan 15: 11:59PM Mar 17: (if enrolled ONLY in POT B classes) Use Registrar's Calendar for all deadlines
First day of instruction for the POT Jan 16         Jan 16 Mar 18
Add a class via Self-Service Jan 29: 11:59PM Jan 22: 11:59PM Mar 22: 11:59PM
Change credit hours on variable credit course via Self-Service Jan 29: 11:59PM Jan 22: 11:59PM Mar 22: 11:59PM
Submit request for GC 599 Registration Jan 29 N/A N/A
Submit request for in absentia status to Graduate College Jan 29 Jan 29 Jan 29
DROP a class with refund if tuition range changes or billing hours decrease. NO refund for dropping a class after this date (12.5% point of the class) Jan 29: 11:59PM Jan 22: 11:59PM Mar 22: 11:59PM
Submit request to Audit a class Jan 29 Jan 22 Mar 22
DROP a class via Self-Service  (This is halfway point of the class) Students may complete a Late Registration/Late Course Change form after this date. Mar 8: 11:59PM Feb 9: 11:59PM Apr 12: 11:59PM
Spring Break Mar 9-17
Last day to withdraw for minimum 40% refund (60% point of the class) Mar 29 Feb 16 Mar 31
DROP a class via Graduate College with no 'W' grade or record of the class on your academic history.  Apr 12 Feb 23 Apr 26
WITHDRAW from semester without 'W' grades (this means dropping all courses) Apr 12 Feb 23 Apr 26
Submit credit/no credit request to college office (This is 75% point of the class) Apr 12 Feb 23 Apr 26
Instruction ends May 1 Mar 8 May 1  
Last day to add/drop a course with program approval (a "W") is recorded May 2 Mar 8 May 2
Last day to change a grade of DFR (in a non-thesis course) or I, awarded last spring or summer to prevent F by rule May 2


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Academic Dates/Deadlines

Last day to submit a change of curriculum request for the current term. This includes changing your degree program or adding/dropping a minor or concentration.

March 29      
Apply to graduate in May via Self-Service. March 29
Last day to take final exam for May doctoral degree April 5
Last day to complete deposit of May doctoral dissertations April 26, 5pm
Last day to complete deposit of May master's theses May 3, 5pm
May Degree Conferral Date May 11