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Cost Recovery and Self-Supporting Programs

These programs have unique tuition and fee waiver requirements and tuition schedules, and so are an addendum to the Tuition Waiver Policy.

Cost recovery programs are those that:

  • are allocated no state funds and must generate all costs through tuition and fees,
  • are approved by the Board of Trustees, and
  • are exempt from all tuition and fee waiver programs, but
  • must honor statutory waivers.

Self-supporting programs are those that:

  • receive no direct state subsidy (general revenue funds),
  • may depend on a special Board of Trustees approved tuition rate to cover additional costs of developing and offering the program,
  • are usually aimed at non-traditional audiences (e.g. professional, off-campus, online), and
  • are exempt from all tuition and fee waiver programs, but
  • must honor statutory waivers (information on statutory waivers can be found here).

Approved Cost Recovery Programs




Accountancy MS (10KS0071MSK, 10KS5666MSK)


Finance MS (10KS5624MSK)


Taxation MS (10KS5187MSK2)


Technology Management MS (10KS5148MSK)


Economics MS with Policy Economics conc (10KS3925MS)


Approved Self-Supporting Programs


Program Name/Program Codes


Masters programs: Ag Production MS with PSM conc (1PKS5188MS), Bioprocessing & Bioenergy with PSM conc (1PKS5599MS), Food Science and Human Nutrition MS with PSM conc (1PKS0037MS), Technical System Management MS with PSM conc (1PKS0025MS), MS: Plant Biotechnology with PSM conc (1PKS5461MS), Master of Animal Sciences in Animal Sciences on campus and online (1PKS0002MANS, 1PKS5890MANS, 1PKS5889MANS, 1PKS0002MANU, 1PKS5889MANU, 1PKS5890MANU), Master of Agricultural and Applied Economics (1PKS5869MAAE, 1PKS5870MAAE)

Non-Degree programs: NDEG Animal Sciences Online (1PKS0002NDEU)


Masters programs: Master of Public Health MPH (10KS1630MPH, 1PKS5915MPH, 1PKS5914MPH, 1PKS5913MPH), Master of Public Health in Epidemiology 1PKS5884MPH, Recreation, Sport and Tourism MS online (10KS4043MSU), Master of Health Administration (1PKS1300MS, 1PKS1300MHAD ), MS Health Technology (1PKS5875MS)

Non-Degree programs: Certificate of Professional Development in Information Accessibility Design and Policy (IADP) (1PKS5464NDEU), Recreation, Sport and Tourism NDEG online (1PKS4043NDEU)

Gies College of Business

Masters programs: MBA part-time (10KS4064MBA), iMBA (10KS9875MBAU),Management MS (1PKS5590MS, 1PKS5590MSU), Accountancy MS Online (1PKS0071MSU, 1PKS5666MSU), Business Analytics MS (1PKS5964MS)

Graduate Certificate programs: CPA Pathways (1PKS6141CERU), Business Analytics (1PKS6164CERU), Strategic Leadership and Management (1PKS6011CERU), Managerial Economics and Business Analysis (1PKS6012CERU), Global Challenges in Business (1PKS6013CERU), Financial Management (1PKS6014CERU), Entrepreneurship and Strategic Innovation (1PKS6015CERU), Taxation (1PKS5187CERU), Value Chain Management (1PKS6016CERU), Accounting Data Analytics (1PKS6017CERU), Accounting Foundations (1PKS6140CERU), Digital Marketing (1PKS6018CERU), Mergers and Acquisitions (1PKS6165CERU)

Non-Degree programs: Management (1PKS5590NDEU, 1EKS5590NDEU), Accountancy (1PKS0071NDEU, 1PKS5666NDEU, 1EKS5666NDEU) Business Administration (1PKS9875NDEU)

Carle Illinois College of Medicine Doctor of Medicine (10LT5641MD)


Doctoral programs: Educ Org & Leadership EDD off-campus (10KS0209EDDX), Education Policy, Organization & Leadership off-campus and online EDD (10KS5399EDDX, 10KS5399EDDU)

Certificate of Advanced Study programs: Education Policy, Organization & Leadership off-campus CAS (10KS5399CASX, 1EKS5399CASX)

Masters programs: Curriculum & Instruction EDM online (10KS1144EDMU), Educational Psychology EDM online (1PKS5865EDMU), Special Education EDM off-campus (10KS0093EDMX), Education Policy, Organization & Leadership online and off-campus EDM (10KS5399EDMX,10KS5399EDMU, 1EKS5399EDMU), MS in Mental Health Counseling (1PKS5998MS)

Graduate Certificate programs: Cancer Education Management in Underrepresented and Diverse Communities (1PKS6097CERU), International Education Administration and Leadership (1PKS6098CERU), Learning Design and Leadership (1PKS6099CERU), Instructional System Design Management and Leadership (1PKS6117CERU)

Non-Degree programs: Curriculum & Instruction NDEG online and off-campus (10KS1144NDEU, 1EKS1144NDEU, 10KS1144NDEX), Education Policy, Organization & Leadership NDEG online (10KS5399NDEU, 1EKS5399NDEU, 1PKS5399NDEU)


Grainger College of Engineering

Masters programs: Aerospace Systems Engineering MENG on campus and online (1PKS5862MENG, 1PKS5862MENU), Bioengineering MENG and attached concentrations (1PKS5545MENU, 1PKS5545MENG, 1PKS5544MENU, 1PKS5542MENU, 1PKS5544MENG, 1PKS5542MENG, 1PKS5860MENG, 1PKS5860MENU), Biomedical Image Computing (1PKS6019MS and 1PKS6019MSU), Engineering: Autonomy and Robotics MENG (1PKS5982MENG), Engineering: Chemical Engineering Leadership (1PKS6149MENU and 1PKS6149MENG), Financial Engineering MS (10KS5244MS), Mechanical Enginerng MENG, both on campus and online programs (1PKS0133MENG, 1PKS0133MENU), Elec & Computer Eng MENG (1PKS1200MENG, 1PKS1200MENU), Engineering: Energy Systems MENG (1PKS5370MENG, 1PKS5370MENU), Engineering: Railway MENG (1PKS5636MENG), Plasma Engineering MENG on campus and online (1PKS5863MENU, 1PKS5863MENG), Engineering: Instrumentation and Applied Physics (1PKS6084MENG)

Non-Degree programs: Financial Engineering NDEG (1PKS5244NDEG), Plasma Engineering NDEG (1PKS5863NDEG), Digital Agriculture (1PKS6120NDEU)

Fine and Applied Arts

Masters programs: Sustainable Urban Management MS (1PKS5638MS), Sustainable Urban Design MS (1PKS5721MSUD)

Graduate Certificate programs: Advanced Design Thinking (1PKS6100CERT), Health and Well-being for Designed Environments (1PKS6101CERU)

Liberal Arts and Sciences

Masters programs: Communication MA online (10KS5164MAU), CyberGIS and Geospatial Data Science (1PKS6073MSU) Environmental Geology MS online (1PKS6059MSU), Geography MS with PSM conc (1PKS3886MS, 1PKS5856MS), Health Communication MS (10KS5285MSU, 10KS5285MS), Integrative Biology MS (1PKS6936MS, 1PKS6160MS), Psychological Sciences MS (1PKS5625MS), Teaching of Biological Science MS online (10KS5278MSU), Translation and Interpreting MA (10KS5346MAU, 10KS5346MA), Predictive Analytics and Risk Management (1PKS6078MS), Weather and Climate Risk and Analytics MS (1PKS6046MSU)

Non-Degree programs: Health Communication (1PKS5285NDEU), Environmental Geology NDEG (1PKS6059NDEU)

Media Masters programs: MS: Strategic Brand Comm Onl (1PKS5420MSU, 1PKS5420NDEU), Master of Journalism (1PKS5683MJ, 1PKS0278MJ)
School of Information Sciences Masters programs: MS: Information Management Online and On-Campus (1PKS5581MSU, 1PKS5581MS)
School of Labor and Employment Relations

Masters programs: MHRIR:HR&Indus Reltns Online (10KS0364MHRU)

Graduate Certificate programs: Human Resources Data Analytics (1PKS6124CERU), Fundamentals of Human Resources (1PKS6125CERU), Compensation Best Practices (1PKS6126CERU), HR Management (1PKS5715CERU)

Non-Degree programs: NDEG:Labor&IndustrRel ONL (1PKS0364NDEU)

Veterinary Medicine

Masters programs: MVS: Livestock Systems Health Online (1PKS5921MVSU)

Non-Degree programs: NDEG online: (1PKS0480NDEU) and Livestock Systems Health Non-Degree, (1PKS5921NDEU)