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Research and Funding Resources for Postdocs

Research Resources

The University of Illinois is home to many research facilities. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research provides resources for research ethics and the responsible conduct of research.  They oversee research-related offices and programs, including:

Library Resources

The University Library is one of the largest libraries in the nation with over 24 million items. This guide to the library resources is a good place to start. The Library includes many subject area libraries. You can also look up the subject specialists for your research areas. 

Funding Resources

Many postdoctoral researchers develop their grant writing skills and expand their knowledge of avenues for funding their research.

Locating Funding


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    Online Articles & Presentations

    Submission and Review

    The Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) reviews proposals for outside funding and submits the proposals to the federal, state or private sponsor. When submitting a proposal, you will first work with your departmental grants administrator before it is forwarded to SPA.