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Council for Associate/Assistant Deans for Graduate Education (CADGE)

The Council of Associate/Assistant Deans for Graduate Education is comprised of Assistant/Associate Deans from academic colleges and schools on campus. The committee meets monthly throughout the academic year to discuss and advise on a broad variety of issues related to graduate education and graduate students.

2022-2023 Committee Membership

Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko                       Dean of the Graduate College (Chair)
Reginald Alston College of Applied Health Sciences
Elvira de Mejia College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
George Mejicano Carle Illinois College of Medicine
Daniel Bodony Grainger College of Engineering
Mary Edwards College of Fine and Applied Arts
Margareth Etienne College of Law
Cari Vanderpool College of Veterinary Medicine
Amit Kramer School of Labor and Employment Relations
Nerissa Brown Gies College of Business
Karla Moller College of Education
Wendy Heller College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Amanda Ciafone College of Media
Min Zhan School of Social Work
William Underwood School of Information Sciences


Allison McKinney, Graduate College