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Fellowship Board

Comprised of distinguished faculty from across campus, the Fellowship Board determines recipients of the Graduate College's main fellowship and grant programs. Those programs include the Illinois Distinguished Fellowships, Graduate College Fellowships, Aspire Fellowships, Distinguished Graduate Fellowships in the Humanities & Arts, Dissertation Completion Fellowships, and Travel Grants. The Fellowship Board also advises the Graduate College on fellowship-related issues and plays a key role in helping the University of Illinois recruit and support exemplary graduate students.

Fellowship Board Membership 2021-2022

Executive Committee

Lance Cooper 2021-2024 Physics
Christina Bashford 2019-2022 Music
Yuan-Xiang Pan 2020-2023 Food Science & Human Nutrition
Anna-Maria Marshall 2020-2023 Sociology
Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, Dean, ex-officio   Graduate College
Ken Vickery, Director of Fellowships, staff       Graduate College


section 1: diversity recruitment fellowships (graduate College fellowships for URM Students & aspire fellowships)

Engineering, Physical Sciences, & Mathematics (Area I)

David Flaherty 2019-2022 Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Alison Fout 2019-2022 Chemistry
Vetle Torvik 2021-2024 Information Sciences

Humanities & Arts (Area II)

Manisha Basu 2019-2022 English
Jeananne Nichols 2021-2024 Music
Carol Symes 2021-2024 History         

Social & Behavioral Sciences & Professional Programs (Area III)

Lisette Piedra 2019-2022 Social Work (Graduate College Faculty Fellow)
Sharde Smith 2021-2024 Human Development & Family Studies
Chadly Stern 2020-2023 Psychology

Biological & Agricultural Sciences (Area IV)

Juanmahel Davila 2021-2024 Comparative Biosciences
Anna Sokac 2019-2022 Cell & Developmental Biology
Carin Vanderpool 2019-2022 Microbiology

section 2: illinois distinguished fellowships, distinguished graduate fellowships in humanities & arts, dissertation completion fellowships, & travel grants

Engineering, Physical Sciences, & Mathematics (Area I)

Wawosz Dobrucki    2019-2022 Bioengineering
Jeffery Roesler 2019-2022 Civil & Environmental Engineering
Lance Cooper 2021-2024 Physics

Humanities & Arts (Area II)

Christina Bashford 2020-2023 Music
Javier Irigoyen-Garcia 2021-2024 Spanish & Portuguese
Carla Santos 2019-2022 Recreation, Sport, & Tourism

Behavioral & Social Sciences & Professional Programs (Area III)

Anna-Maria Marshall 2020-2023 Sociology
Dan Simons 2019-2022 Psychology
Monika Stodolska 2019-2022 Recreation, Sport, & Tourism

Biological & Agricultural Sciences (Area IV)

Maria Cattai de Godoy  2021-2024 Animal Sciences
CheMyong Jay Ko 2019-2022 Comparative Biosciences
Yuan-Xiang Pan 2019-2022 Food Science & Human Nutrition