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GradMAP Wellness

Being a grad student can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Integrating self-care into your daily routine will help you stay well and stress less. Here are some resources to help you find the right balance.

Self Care

Feeling stressed? McKinley’s Relaxation Exercises can be used directly from the computer (you will need audio capability), or they can be downloaded to your MP3 player.
These weekly workshops presented by the Counseling Center Paraprofessionals focus on different topics that students may encounter, such as stress, anxiety, loneliness, long-distance relationships, among others. Check the website for offerings.

Stress Less

At times it may seem like you just don't have enough time to do all that needs to be done. What can you do to manage your time and stress from feeling like you have too much to do? Check out the Wellness Center's time management tips to help stay productive and stress less.

Get Active

Campus Recreation provides a welcoming environment with sustainable facilities and programs that inspire the University community to engage in recreation and wellness opportunities.

Regenerating Spaces

Museums, Exhibitions & Performance Spaces
Whether you're looking for a short break or a social event with friends, here are some options.


Want to connect and socialize with peers? With more than 800 organizations to choose from, you're sure to find a registered organization that meets your needs and interests – and if not, you can start your own!
Want to give back, meet new people, gain invaluable expereince through public engagement, the Office of Volunteer Programs has many opportunities.

School and Parenting

Students who, in addition to engaging in academic pursuit, are committed to providing and caring for children have a unique set of needs and experiences, joys and stressors. The Student-Parents website provides information about campus and community resources to support student-parents in their educational journey.