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Graduate Student Petition Process

Graduate Student Petitions

Graduate Students may use a Graduate Student Request Form to petition for an exception to a Graduate College policy or deadline.

See: Graduate College Policies and Graduate College Academic Deadlines

When filing this request, it is important for graduate students to consult with their academic program regarding their academic needs or concerns. After consulting with their academic program, the student may use the Graduate Student request form to formally petition for an exception to a published Graduate College policy or deadline.

Depending on the nature of the request, petitions for exceptions require different information or supporting documentation. Two basic themes should be included on any statement provided in these requests:

  1. Clearly identify the issue.
  2. Provide justification as to why you (the student) should be allowed an exception to this policy or deadline. This justification may include a timeline of events, medical documentation, supporting statements, or other as applicable.

Once you have completed the student section of the Graduate Student Request Form, you may click "submit" which will submit the request directly to your major department. Upon completion of departmental review, the form will be submitted to the Graduate College for final review and official decision.

Graduate College Review

Graduate student requests are reviewed in the order that they are received. Once a decision has been made, the decision will be communicated via email to both the student and the student’s academic department office.

Appeals of Denied Petitions

Students who wish to appeal a denied petition may submit an appeal petition. In these cases, students must submit a new petition with new or additional information that may not have been supplied in the original petition. The appeal petition must be accompanied by two letters, one from a department signatory commenting on the appeal including the new or additional information provided and one from the student's department head which addresses the appeal request.