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Resources for Faculty and Staff

The Graduate College supports faculty and staff across our campus to deliver world-class graduate education. Whether you are the director of a graduate program, a departmental administrative contact, an advisor or mentor, we have resources to assist you.

Understanding Roles and Authorization

The Executive Officer for a unit, typically the head of the deparment, designates Authroized Signatories using the Graduate College Roles & Access Manager.

An Authorized Signatory for a unit can sign one or more of the types of forms listed below, depending on which roles they have been assigned. Roles include Director of Graduate Study (DGS), Graduate Program Contact, Graduate Admissions Contacts, and Departmental Degree Certifiers. Please note that role assignments are for the entire academic year, August to July and may require training. Graduate Programs are contacted in August to update roles for their unit. To see who in your unit serves in these roles, login to the Graduate College Roles and Access Manager at the link below.

Forms requiring an Authorized Signatory:

  • Re-Entry and Petitions for Exceptions to Graduate College Policy
  • Records, including Transfer of Credit, Curriculum Change, Change of Level
  • Registration, including Withdrawal/Cancellation and Late Registration and Course Change forms & Registration in GC 599 and In Absentia
  • Doctoral Examination Committee Requests
  • Thesis/Dissertation Approval (TDA) and Doctoral Exam Result (PER/FER) forms
  • Rating Forms for Fellowships and Traineeships

GC Roles and Access Manager

NOTE: In most cases, if you have signed a form already as the advisor, another authorized signatory must sign as the department signatory.

Graduate Faculty Membership

Learn more about Graduate Faculty membership including, membership types, responsibilities, how to nominate new members, and how to request changes to the database. To review the Graduate Faculty membership list, please use the Graduate Faculty Database

How to Receive Communications from the Graduate College

Email Lists associated with roles/Membership

Once authorized in the Roles and Access Manager, Executive Officers, Directors of Graduate Study, and Graduate Program Contacts will be added to our email distribution lists for those groups, respectively. These lists do not have subscribe/unsubscribe options as they are associated with their respecitive roles.

Graduate Faculty will automomatically be added to the Graduate Faculty distribution list.

This email list connects the large community of faculty and staff who support and deliver graduate education at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. It is a moderated list that allows sharing of relevant information among this community.



GradMENTOR Newsletter

GradMENTOR is distributed monthly to graduate faculty, instructors of graduate-level courses, postdocs, and department contacts who work with graduate students.



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