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Understanding Academic Standing for Graduate Students

Understanding Academic Standing for Graduate Students

Graduate students must maintain a minimum GPA and make satisfactory progress in all other aspects of their degree programs in order to continue as students. Academic standing is a term used by the Graduate College that reflects the student’s standing with regard to these aspects in their degree program. Please note, the terminology "academic warning" will replace "academic probation" effective Fall 2024. 

There are three categories of academic standing: Good standing, academic warning, and dropped. When a student is no longer in good academic standing, they will receive a notice of academic warning from the Graduate College. Students on academic warning who do not satisfy the requirements described in the notice letter will be placed on drop status. Policies regarding academic standing for graduate students are found in the Graduate College Handbook. This page provides additional process-related information for students, faculty, and staff in navigating various scenarios that may impact academic standing.

Student academic standing status does not appear on the academic transcript, except in cases where they have been dropped and are not reinstated. Students may view their current academic standing in Student Self-Service.

Categories the Graduate College Monitors for Academic Standing

Category Process Timeline for Returning to Good Standing
Semester and Cumulative GPA Reviewed and updated at the end of each semester after grade roll (including summer, if enrolled) One semester
Time Limit for Preliminary Exam Completion Reviewed and communicated each Fall and Spring semester One Fall or Spring semester
Time Limit for Degree Completion Reviewed and communicated each Fall and Spring semester Varies, but is communicated as part of the petition decision
Academic Standing Changes based on program recommendation Reviewed based on published schedule Varies, but is communicated as part of the process
Limited Status Admission Reviewed at the time of admission Students must meet the required GPA in their first semester

Holding Assistantships or Fellowships While Not in Good Academic Standing

If a student is notified by the Graduate College that they are no longer in good academic standing, they will be required to submit a petition to the Graduate College to hold the assistantship/fellowship while they are not in good standing. Students can learn more about the petition process and access the submission system on the Graduate College website. The appointment will be terminated if no petition is approved to permit the student to hold a graduate appointment while not in good standing.

Drop Status

Students are placed on drop status and prevented from future enrollment if they do not satisfy the conditions communicated in their letter of academic warning. Students on drop status are not eligible to enroll or hold any graduate appointment (fellowship/assistantship).
Students in this status may petition the Graduate College for reinstatement. In their reinstatement petition, they will need to have an academic plan for progress and any other relevant supporting materials. To be considered for reinstatement, the petition must contain strong support from their academic program.