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URAP @ Illinois

URAP @ Illinois is the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program @ the University of Illinois.

2015 - 2016 URAP Mentors and Mentees 

Through a partnership between the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Graduate College, URAP @ Illinois provides advanced graduate students with valuable research assistance and an opportunity to gain important hands-on mentoring experience, guiding and directing an undergraduate apprentice. Through a one-on-one research experience with their graduate student mentor, undergraduate students will have the opportunity to learn what it means to do research, create knowledge, and produce scholarship. 

The program is open to first and second-year undergraduate students (including transfer students), who will assist advanced graduate students (those who have completed all coursework requirements and are in the dissertation research stage) with their research projects. Graduate student mentors begin the program in Fall 2017; undergraduate students will begin working with their mentors in Spring 2018.

Interested in learning more about the graduate student mentor experience? Check out Grad Life blog for takeaways from the 2016 URAP panel at Undergraduate Research Week.

Undergraduate Researchers/Mentees

  • Earn 2 hours of course credit, equal to approximately 5 hours of research assistance per week
  • Enroll in a seminar on research practices
  • Undergraduate applications will not be sought until October 2017. Check back for details.

Graduate Mentors

  • Participate in a workshop and seminar series in the fall semester, designed to help them plan and prepare to make the most of the semester-long spring apprenticeship. Topics covered include “building and maintaining an accountable mentoring relationship”; “planning and assigning a workflow timeline”; and “negotiating the mentor/mentee dynamic.”
  • In the spring, graduate mentors will enroll in a 0-credit “Graduate Mentoring Practicum,” which will meet on a regular basis and provide the opportunity for mentors to receive support, to get further training, and to communicate concerns with URAP staff.
  • Graduate students will also receive a Certificate of Mentorship, issued by the Graduate College, at the completion of the program deliverables.

Graduate mentor applications should include:

  • A current CV
  • An unofficial transcript 
  • A letter of support from the prospective graduate mentor’s dissertation advisor
  • A cover letter describing the graduate mentor’s dissertation project, how an undergraduate apprentice might be incorporated into the project, and the importance of participating in this apprenticeship program
  • Graduate students with significant and proven experience working with individuals from U.S. minority populations under-represented at Illinois are encouraged to apply.

For full consideration, submit applications by Monday, July 31, 2017. 

Apply to be a mentor