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Academic Affairs Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate Student Registration

Q: What is the deadline to register?

A: There are varying deadlines to add/drop courses within any term, please refer to the Graduate College Academic Calendar. However, Graduate students should attempt to finalize their schedule by the 10th day of instruction. University reporting is done based on 10th day registration reports, this may impact your financial aid, appointment status with the University, visa status, loan deferment, etc.

Q: How many hours do I need to be registered for?

A: Graduate College does not have a minimum number of hours a student must register for. However, the student’s department may have a minimum requirement, or the student may be expected to meet a minimum registration requirement for other purposes (financial aid, visa status, fellowship, loan deferment, etc.)

Q: Do I need to register?

A: If you are in a classroom, or in order to be given access to online course materials, you must register appropriately. You are also required to register if it is your first term of enrollment, the term you are taking your preliminary or final exam for your doctoral dissertation, or if you hold a waiver-generating appointment (applicable to Fall and Spring terms). Please see the Chapter 2 of the Graduate College Handbook for further information on registration.

Q: Can I register just to hold my student status?

A: There is no way to register for an “empty” course simply to maintain your student email and to avoid having to apply for re-entry. Students may want to look into our Registration Options Brochure to compare alternative registration options.

Graduate Student Records

Q: What is a Petition?

A: Petitions are used to request an exception to a deadline or published Graduate College policy, or to change something on their academic record, e.g. changing your major curriculum or adding a minor to your student record. The form to make this request is called the Graduate Student Request Form, commonly known as the petition form.

Q: How can check status of my Graduate Student Request Form:

A: Contact your major department. They will be able to give you the status of your request.

Q: What does my graduate GPA consist of?

A: Your graduate level cumulative GPA consists of all courses taken while enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Illinois (i.e. taken at the 1G level).

Q: What is the repeated course policy?

A: The Credit for Repeated Courses policy is located in Chapter 3 of the Graduate Handbook. Previous grades are not replaced if the course is repeated. All grades will be used to calculate your cumulative GPA.

Q: I received an “I” grade in a course. How does the official final grade get reported?

A: Your instructor must submit the grade change through the appropriate methods to the Office of the Registrar. Please be aware if grades are not turned in by the posted deadlines, your “I” grade may result in an F by Rule. Please refer to policy on Incomplete grades in Chapter 3 of the Graduate Handbook.


If you have questions about Graduate College polices, deadlines, or need help with your student record, please contact us:

Academic Affairs at the Graduate College
507 East Green Street, Suite 101, MC-434
Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to noon and 1 to 5 p.m.