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Disability Liaison


Beckwith Residential Support Support Services


Pre-professional Graduate Assistantship



Description, Responsibilities, and Qualifications


The Beckwith Residential Support Services (BRSS) Disability Liaison (DL) position assists in administering, educating, and maintaining transitional disability management and personal assistant services for residents with significant physical disabilities living in Nugent Hall. 


Required: Acceptance into graduate school at time of application. Perform duties of a Personal Assistant when necessary. Pass a criminal background check.

This is a LIVE-IN POSITION: Disability Liaisons split the responsibilities each week to fulfill the administrator on-duty responsibilities during the evening (5pm-8am Monday-Friday) and 24/7 throughout the weekend (5pm Friday to 8am Monday).

Preferred: Graduate student in a disability-related field of study, and experience in organized group living (including residence halls, fraternities, sororities, or related living environment.


  1. Complete required orientation and training sessions (Training held before assistantship begins will be paid at an hourly rate.
  • Summer Immersion Program for new students & parents (June 28-July 1, 2024) (Attendance is preferred, but not mandatory);
  • Attend and participate in BRSS DL orientation and training (beginning 8/1/2024) and continuing throughout the semester as needed;
  •  On-call/programming responsibilities begin during New Student Orientation (Aug 20, 2024);
  • University Housing specific training;
  • Personal Assistant training and supplemental training;
  • HR & related University trainings.
  1. While on-duty, you will perform required rounds, which includes submitting “Admin on Duty” report, supervision of Floater staff, facilitate scheduled programs and interact with the community as outlined in training.

While on duty, you can sleep, study, eat, workout, interact with friends, etc. if it is within Nugent/SDRP, and that you prioritize fulfillment of DL responsibilities.

3Serve as the direct point of contact, should questions arise from residents, PA/Floater staff, or others at any time while on duty regarding BRSS policies and procedures.

4.  When serving on-duty functions, adhere to protocols for Floater scheduling, and provide coverage in the event of a staffing shortage.

5.  While on duty, in the event of staffing shortages, perform personal assistant services (activities of daily living) with BRSS residents.

6.  Develop positive relationships with BRSS community members and residence hall staff.

7.  Each month, plan, implement and evaluate one individual and one combined interactive and innovative program for the BRSS community.

8.  Attend regularly assigned meetings with the BRSS Administration (admin meetings, program meetings, individual supervision).

9.  Maintain bulletin board, monthly calendar, acknowledge resident birthdays, and contribute relevant information to the monthly newsletter with the other DL  which educate, encourage conversations and facilitate an inclusive living environment.

10.When on-duty, utilize training to perform functions assisting in the execution of emergency services/procedures in the event of a health, life safety or other emergencies, supported by Beckwith and University Housing personnel.

11.Preserve the confidentiality of personal interactions with residents and PA staff when appropriate/not contra-indicated.

12.Support BRSS residents by facilitating in their learning, growth, and development through individualized advisement.

13.Assist in the development and maintenance of a positive community environment, i.e., serve as a role model, and resource person for BRSS residents.

14. Adhere to and support University of Illinois, DRES, University Housing Hallmarks and BRSS policies and procedures.

15. Other duties as assigned.


Room and board at Nugent Hall, a monthly stipend, and an in-state tuition & allowable fee waiver.  

Application Procedure

Complete the BRSS Disability Liaison Application - and email the additional application materials to Paige Lindahl-Lewis at

If you have any questions about the position or application, please contact Paige via email or call her at 217/333-3315.


Application Deadline

May 3, 2024 - For Full Consideration or as soon as possible.
Contact Info

Contact Name

Paige Lindahl-Lewis, M.S.

Contact Phone


Contact Address

207 E. Gregory Dr. Rm. 1104 Nugent Hall Champaign, IL 61820

Start Date

Friday, August 16, 2024