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Graduate students, faculty, selected as IPRH “Publics” Fellowship Awardees for 2016–17

The Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities (IPRH) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has awarded its annual Faculty and Graduate Student Fellowships to six faculty members and seven graduate students from the campus for the 2016–17 academic year, which will center on the theme of “Publics.”

 IPRH Faculty Fellows, 2016–17

Tim Dean, English: "Public Women and Public Men: A Genealogy of Sex Work"

Luisa-Elena Delgado, Spanish and Portuguese: "The Transparent Heart: Visceral Truths in the Public Sphere"

Tyler Denmead, Art Education, Art + Design: "Youth in the Creative City"

Daniel Gilbert, Labor and Employment Relations: "Public Works: A Cultural History of Public Sector Labor"

A. Naomi Paik, Asian American Studies: "Insecure Empire: Legal Quandaries and the Outsourcing of U.S. Security"

Terri Weissman, Art History, Art + Design: "This is What Democracy Looks Like: Freedom, Action, and Revolutionary Dreams"

IPRH Graduate Student Fellows, 2016–17

Christine Hedlin, English: "Psyches and Souls: A New Secular Theory of the Nineteenth-Century American Novel"

Raquel Escobar, History: "Reconcile the Indian, Reconcile the Nation: Indigenismo, the Nation, and Transnational Networks of the Inter-American Indian Institute"

Anca Mandru, History: "Making Socialists: Literature and Science in the Service of the Romanian Left (1880–1914)"

Anita Mixon, Communication: "Rupturing the Boundaries of Public and Private Spheres: A Rhetorical History of Women’s Work in Black Chicago, 1919–1939"

Mark Sanchez, History: "Recapturing a Lost Democracy: Philippine Exile Politics and International Opposition to Ferdinand Marcos, 1965–1986"

Maggie Shelledy, English: "Against Social Death: Rhetorical Resilience at the Intersection of Higher Education and the Prison"

Kerry Wilson, Institute of Communications Research: "Black Motherhood in the Age of #BlackLivesMatter"

More information about the IPRH fellowship programs can be found online.

Reposted from IPRH - 3/8/2016.