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Session 5 - Poster Presentations

Session 5: Poster Presentations (3:45 PM)


Heritage Hall 1

Intramolecular Difunctionalization of Alkenes Using Selenium Redox Catalysis
Nyah Rowell | SROP-Illinois, SEB Scholars

Assessing Habitat Quality Disparities in High-Quality Rated Remnant Natural Areas for Pollinators
Nathan David Solano | SROP-Illinois

Automation of the Frontal Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization Process
Alexander Solis | SROP-Illinois

The Effects of Imidacloprid on Steroidogenic Enzyme Gene Expression in the Female Mouse Ovary
Winter Stubblefield | SROP-Illinois, SURE Tox

A Data-driven Exploration of Individual Differences in Cocaine Use Trajectories
Rachel Sun | SROP-UIC

DNA Nanostructure-Based Lateral Flow Assay for Rapid Detection of Sars-CoV-2 Viruses
Tionna Tapaha | SROP-Illinois, MSI Alliance

Understanding Thermal Management Systems of Battery Electric Vehicles
Nathanial Wijas | SROP-Illinois, POETS

Probing the release of neurotransmitters in gut bacteria
Kendyl Maurion Williams | SROP-Illinois, MSI Alliance

Identifying Genes to Improve Photosynthesis Under Future Climate Conditions
Kelley Wilson | SROP-Illinois

Characterization and Stability Profiling Gold Nanoparticles conjugates
Essie Yazzie Ealy II | SROP-Illinois, MSI Alliance

Understanding the Relationship Between Walk-to-Trot Transitions and Ground Reaction Forces in Growing Standardbred Horses.
Alex Zaragoza | SROP-Illinois, REACH

Horror and Terror: Remembering the Wars of Religion in French Revolutionary Popular Literature and the Press, 1789-1799
Fioana Lashmet | SROP-UIC

The Working Conditions of Undocumented Laborers in Georgia’s Poultry Industry
Yoshi Castro | SROP-UIC

The Benefits and Potential Efficacy of Estill Voice Training as a Therapeutic Intervention for Individuals with Functional Neurologic Disorder
Alexander Matthew Pacheco | McNair

2023 Human Sexuality Variances in the United States v France
Sophie Diaz | McNair

A Study on Recruitment Methods in Collaboration with Obesogenic Studies
Lilly Kazuha Sato | SROP-UIC

Alma Mater

Winging it To The Top: Exploring the Social Dominance Hierarchy of Male Carollia perspicillata
Rachel E. Hodge | SROP-UIC

How Media affects Black and Latino Boys Mental Health
Mauryce LeRoy Thomas | SROP-Illinois, MSI Alliance

Unmasking Evangelicals’ Support for Trump: Genuine Enthusiasm or Reluctant Support?
Alondra S. Pagán Márquez | SROP-Illinois

FBI Terrorism Sting Operations Maintain Systems of Oppression: A Look Into the Entrapment of Yassin Aref
Lauren Mikaela Hanna | SROP-UIC

Frayed Threats of Terrorism: How does the reluctance to label white Supremacy as terrorism contribute to racial disparities in FBI stings?
Iccel Salas | SROP-UIC

Effects of an Afterschool Program on Youths' Relationships With Science
Antonio  Aguilar | SROP-UIC


Stigma is What Holds Us Back: How School Structures and Negative Student-Staff Interactions Impact Black Adolescent Girls
Justyce L. P. Harris | SROP-UIC

Mental Health of Latinx Immigrants
Isabel Virgen | SROP at UIC

How Does Gender Identity and Low-Income Impact Sense of University Belonging Among Latinx College Students?
Britney Ramos | SROP-Illinois

Responses to Ingroup Norm Violations in Comparison to Norm Conformity
Kayla Ruth Grabowski | SROP-UIC

Examining the Degree of Impact Economic Factors play on Movements in African American Child Neglect Reported Allegations in Illinois
Clifford McEachin | SROP-Illinois, MSI Alliance

Beyond the Math: Exploring the Intersection of Literature and Mathematics in Jorge Luis Borges' Short Stories
Monserrat Gonzalez-Gutierrez | SROP-Illinois