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Handshake Job Posting Instructions

Thank you for your interest in recruiting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Posting job advertisements in Handshake is a great way to showcase your organization and help Illinois students and postdocs connect with your available opportunities including full-time positions, co-ops, and internships. Illinois students looking for jobs check Handshake frequently.

Posting a Job in Handshake:

Log In or Create an Account

Here is a video from Handshake explaining the process of posting a job.

Additional help can be accessed through our Handshake Employer User Guides, available in English, Korean, and Mandarin.

If you have questions, please consult Handshake’s employer help center.

To set up an On-campus Recruiting (OCR) Schedule:

Here is a video from Handshake explaining the process of scheduling on-campus interviews.


If you have any problems posting your positions, requesting an OCR schedule, or any other technical issues, use the "Help" button on the bottom right of Handshake's employer help center.

With questions about recruiting at Illinois, please contact our office at or 217-300-7261.

Thank you for your interest in Illinois talent!