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Conference Presentation Award System (CPAS) - How-To Guide

Go to the CPAS here.

Main Menu

  1. Log into the system by clicking the "Login" link at the right of the Main Menu page.
    • Use your UIUC system login information.
    • Only those appropriately registered (usually Directors of Graduate Studies, Executive Officers, and Graduate Contacts) can access the application system.  If you have not registered for access, or if you wish to request access for others in your department, contact the Graduate College's Fellowship Processing Office at for information on how to register. Note that students are not permitted to access this system.
  2. Click "Conference."
  3. To submit an application, click "Award Request Form."
  4. To review the status of applications already submitted, click "Awards Requested."

Award request form

  1. Enter the 9-digit UIN of the student for whom you are requesting the award, then click “Grad Lookup.”
    • If the UIN is correct, the student's first and last name should automatically populate the next two lines.
    • If the UIN is incorrect, please obtain the correct UIN and enter it.  The UIN must be valid before you can proceed with the application.
  2. Click "Check Fee."
    • The students must have paid the Student Initiated Fee to become eligible for a Conference Presentation Award.  If you see an indicator noting that the student has not paid the fee, the application cannot proceed.  You should contact the student and ask him/her to pay the fee. 
  3. Fill out all fields as indicated, and be as specific as possible.
    • All fields, excluding "Distance" and "Notes," must be completed to submit the application.
  4. When entering the CFOP, do not enter dashes. Dashes will appear automatically as you type.
    • For the CFOP, you must use either a State or an ICR CFOP Account Number (used to transfer award funds). Provide State funds in the format of 1-100023-XXXXXX-XXXXXX (Campus 1 Fund Code, Organization Code, and Program Code).  Provide  ICR funds in the format of 1-200250-XXXXXX-XXXXXX (Campus 1 Fund Code, Organization Code, and Program Code).
    • You will see an indicator noting whether or not the CFOP is valid. The CFOP must be valid to proceed.  If the CFOP is invalid, please check with your department's business office to obtain the correct string.
  5. Click "Submit."
    • If the submission does not go through, review all fields to ensure that each one has been completed accurately. 
    • Once the application has been successfully submitted, you will see an indicator confirming submission.

awards requested page

  1. The "Awards Requested" page allows you to track the status of your department's applications.
  2. You will see fields for Department, Student, UIN, Dept Contact, CFOP, Requested, Award, and Status.
  3. Definitions of statuses:
    • Submitted
      • This means an application has been successfully submitted.
    • Reviewing
      • This means that the Graduate College is reviewing the submitted application.
    • Returned
      • This means that something needs your attention. If you see this status, there will be an option to review the application, and there will be a note stating why the submitted application is being returned.
      • Once you have identified the problem, please edit the returned application accordingly and resubmit. Once the application is resubmitted successfully, its status will change to "Submitted."
    • Awarded
      • This means the Graduate College has approved the submitted application, and the amount awarded will appear in the "Award" field.
    • Cancelled
      • This means that the Graduate College was asked by the department to cancel the submitted application.
    • Withdrawn
      • This means that the Graduate College was asked to withdraw the submitted application.
    • Not Approved
      • This means that the Graduate College reviewed the submitted application but decided not to approve the request.  If you have questions about this, contact the Business & Fellowship Processing Office at