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Summer Predoctoral Programs - How to Apply to SPI

Application Open: February 1, 2024 - April 17, 2024

An SPI completed application should include the following items:

1. Online application

The Personal Statement should discuss your interest in the Summer Predoctoral Institute at the University of Illinois and the reasons why you feel it important to participate. In a 500-800 statement, saved as a Word or PDF document, the narrative should also include the following:

  • Personal benefits to be gained from participating in this summer experience, (e.g., within and outside of your program, what you would like to accomplish during the summer)
  • Describe how your personal background and experiences influenced your decision to pursue a graduate degree.
  • Provide insight on your potential to contribute to a community of inclusion, belonging and respect where scholars representing diverse backgrounds, perspectives, abilities and experiences can learn and innovate productively and positively together.


2. Departmental Letter of Support of Applicant's Participation Form

In order for your application to be considered, you and your graduate program department at the University of Illinois must complete the following steps below:

Step 1:  Applicants must request that their Department Chair, Graduate Program Director, or Graduate Program Advisor write a letter of support for their participation in the SPI. The letter must include the following elements:

- Written on departmental letterhead with a real or copied signature from letter writer
- List who would serve as an advisor/mentor to the student during the summer (Instructor of Record for Independent Study)
- Outline of a summer Independent Study research plan

Step 2:  Applicants must forward the upload link to their letter writer and request that they submit the form and letter by April 22, 2024 at:

Questions can be directed to Only complete applications will be considered.