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Fellowship and Traineeship Appointments Processing

All fellowships and traineeships paid through the campus payroll system, regardless of the stipend amount, must be processed through the Graduate College Fellowship Office. The Fellowship Office will be the Home Org for all fellows paid through the campus payroll system.

To initiate the processing of a fellowship or traineeship appointment, the department sends a completed Graduate College Form to the Graduate College Fellowship Office. The instructions for completion of the Form can be found at Instructions for the Graduate College Form for Fellowships, Traineeships and Courtesy Waivers.

From the completed Graduate College Form, a Notice of Appointment (NOA) is generated by the Graduate College and sent to the student for the required signature of acceptance and return to the Graduate College.

When the Graduate College Fellowship Office receives the signed NOA accepting the fellowship or traineeship, the process of entering the appointment into the campus system (via HRFE) begins. The sequence of processing is as follows:

  1. The Fellowship Office will set up all new fellows and trainees in HR Front End. This triggers the sending of an email to the fellow with instructions on completing Nessie New Hire (if needed). After Nessie New Hire has been completed, the Graduate College Fellowship Office enters the job in the campus HR Front End. When the appointment (job) has been entered, departments will receive the "Department Copy" of the NOA for their records. Please note that the I-9 Form is not required for Fellowship or Traineeship appointments. The Graduate College does not request nor receive the I-9 Form from students with fellowships or traineeships.
  2. If a pay adjustment is necessary, the Graduate College Fellowship Office will send an email to the Graduate College contact in the department. The department completes the pay adjustment(s) for fellows or trainees paid on departmental funds and Block Grant funds. The Graduate College Fellowship Office completes pay adjustments for fellows paid on Graduate College funds.

Concurrent appointments are limited for fellows and trainees and require prior approval from the Graduate College Fellowship Office. All transactions to give a fellow or trainee another appointment will be routed to the Graduate College Fellowship Office for review. If the transaction is initiated for a grad hourly appointment, please indicate hours expected to work per week. It is the responsibility of the unit providing the graduate assistantship or hourly appointment to submit/attach the appropriate supporting documentation, including the I-9 Form, to AHR as part of the graduate appointment transaction. Contact Academic Human Resources (3-6747) with questions regarding Tracker I-9 or the I-9 process.