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After the Interview

Thank You Notes

Always send a thank you note to your interviewers following the interview to convey your appreciation for the opportunity. Some sources estimate that 90% of interviewees do not take advantage of this small but impactful gesture.

Thank you notes are another chance to convey your interest in the position. If you believe the position will be a particularly good fit for you, be sure to say this and explain why. You can also include additional information about yourself or clarify an issue that was not adequately addressed while interviewing.

If you return from an interview certain that you do not want this position, politely indicate that you have determined you are not interested.

Here are some other general tips:

  • Send your notes in a timely manner, ideally within two days of the interview. Be brief and refer to the position by name.
  • Send to everyone who interviewed you and add a personal touch. For example, mention something you learned during the interview that makes the position or company desirable.

The format of your thank you note is dependant on a few considerations:

  • Email is appropriate if a decision is to be made quickly or if most correspondence has been via email, but an email can be perceived as less effort on your part. Consider sending an email and a note or letter.
  • A mailed “Thank You” notecard with a handwritten message adds a personal touch, shows extra effort, and is always acceptable.
  • Formal business letter can be typed, printed out and mailed.

Sample Thank You Letters (PDF)

Following Up

During your interview, ask when you should expect to hear back from them. If you have not heard anything after this time, you may follow up with a polite communication restating your interest in the position and inquiring about the status of the search. Remain professional at all times and avoid becoming a pest.