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After the Negotiation

Get the Terms in Writing

Following negotiation and the verbal agreement of terms, ask the employer to put these in writing. You will want to confirm that all agreements are reflected in the final offer.

  • Carefully review the revised terms before accepting the job offer in writing.
  • Thank the employer again and demonstrate gratitude.

Follow up with Other Organizations and Individuals

Once you have accepted an offer of employment,

  • Notify any other organizations where you have interviewed that you are withdrawing from their search.
  • Withdraw your name from candidacy if you have applications currently under review at other organizations.
  • Send an email or thank you note to everyone who supported you in your job search, including your references.

Rejecting an Offer

Sometimes you will end up rejecting a job offer. This may occur for multiple reasons, such as:

  • You receive and accept another more attractive job offer.
  • You accept a post-doctoral appointment instead.
  • You realize that your dissertation will not be completed by the promised date.
  • You learn that the position will not be a good fit for your skills, personality, and/or family.
  • You cannot accept the terms of the offer.

When rejecting an offer,

  • Be polite and courteous, and try to focus on the aspects of the job or opportunity that were positive to you. You may encounter these individuals again in another setting or even another job search.
  • Confirm any verbal rejections with a formal email or letter.