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Past winners

Watch Ritu Raman give the winning presentation. See recordings of all the finalists in  MediaSpace!

2017 Winners

  • 1st Place: Laura Adamovicz, "Turtles in Trouble: Applications of Health Assessment for Conservation" (Comparative Biosciences) 
  • 2nd PlaceElizabeth Davis, "Your Brain is Talking Directly to Your Stem Cells" (Neuroscience)
  • 3rd Place: Payel Kundu, "Harnessing Plant Compounds to Promote Healthy Aging" (Neuroscience)
  • People's Choice: Robby Goldman, "Unearthing the Secrets of Volcanic Eruptions" (Geology)

2017 Finalists

  • Adrienne Ertel, "Prehistoric Supernova: Unearthing the Remains of Exploding Stars in Ocean Material" (Astronomy)
  • Kartik Hegde, "Enabling Real-time Video Understanding Based on Deep Neural Networks" (Computer Science)
  • Huancui Hu, "Linking Atmospheric River Hydrological Impacts on the U.S. West Coast to Rossby Wave Breaking" (Atmospheric Sciences)
  • Derek Jung, "On the Shoulders of Giants" (Mathematics)
  • Elizabeth Maxwell, "Killing Cancer with Chemo-Beads" (Veterinary Science)
  • Cassandra Nikolaus, "The Student's Dilemma: Supper, Sleep or Social Life" (Human Nutrition)
  • Sree Kalyan Patiballa, "Auxetics: Materials for the Future (?)" (Systems & Entrepreneurial Engineering)
  • Jennifer Peruski, "Fetishizing the Foot: Mobility and Meaning in Indian Ocean Sandals" (Art History)
  • Sarvagya Sharma, "Diamonds: A Physicist's Best Friends" (Physics)