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Research Live! Event Details

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Congratulations to the 2021 Research Live! Finalists and Winners

  • First Place: Sherry Yi, PhD in Educational Psychology, "Using Videogames to Spark Interest for Learning"
  • Second Place: Shonit Nair Sharma, MD in Medicine, "Paperometer: A Low-cost Incentive Spirometer"
  • Third Place: Joseph Puthussery, PhD in Environmental Engineering in Civil Engineering, "Ambient Particulate Matter Induced Toxicity"
  • People's Choice: Maitreyee Sharma Priyadarshini, PhD in Aerospace Engineering, "Trying Not to Burnout, Literally!"
  • Finalist: Aubrie Powell, PhD in Musicology, "Why Consider Country?"
  • Finalist: Caitlin Bloomer, MS in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, "Mapping the Route to Crayfish Conservation"
  • Finalist: Ragini Chakraborty, PhD in Comparative Literature, "Bodies at the Borders: Exploring Gendered Violence During 1947 Partition"
  • Finalist: Hanna Dahlstrom, MS in Library & Information Science, "Preserving Videogames in the 21st Century"
  • Finalist: Karen Chiu, PhD in Nutritional Sciences, "Phthalates: The Everywhere Ingredient"
  • Finalist: Taylor Jorgensen, PhD in Neuroscience, "Circadian Rhythms in Astrocytes"
  • Finalist: Sara Bell, PhD in Chemistry, "Single Cell Chemistry of the Brain"
  • Finalist: Travis Dore, PhD in Physics, "Hydro All the Way Down"