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RESEARCH LIVE! Why Participate?

A view of the CIF Atrium

Research Live! is an annual event that invites graduate students from all disciplines to celebrate their work and hone their presentation skills by giving a compelling 3-minute research talk. If you are interested in sharing your research with others or eager learn about the incredible work done by graduate students, check out Research Live!.

For Student Participants

To Share Your Work

Whether you are presenting your research at a conference in front of experts in your field or having an impromptu conversation in an elevator, you need to be able to talk about your work in ways that engage a broad audience. Research Live! gives you the opportunity to share your work with the campus community and get others excited about what you do.

To Build Confidence and Practice Public Speaking

Even the most skilled public speakers can feel anxious before delivering a presentation. Gain self-confidence by sharing your research story in an exciting and unique environment. Whether you are a seasoned pro or still developing your presenting style, participating in Research Live! is a great way to build your skills and become a more self-assured public speaker.

To Earn Recognition

Gain exposure for all the hard work you do behind the scenes! Participating in Research Live! is a great way to demonstrate communication skills on a CV or resume. We will even publish videos of finalists’ performances online to link on your own website or LinkedIn page. Don’t forget the prizes, too!

For Audience Members

To Learn Something New

Can you mix turtles with math, science, and medicine to save the world? Can we use our nervous system to stop cancer? Does eating licorice help with healthy brain aging? 

This is just a snippet of the things audience members learned when attending Research Live! This event gives you the opportunity to learn about the fascinating, ground-breaking, and creative work done by graduate students at the University of Illinois.

To Support and Celebrate Graduate Students

Graduate students make up an important part of campus, and Research Live! allows them to share their work with others.

To Vote for Your Favorite

Research Live! allows YOU to be a judge! Come listen to the presentations, choose your favorite, and vote for the people’s choice winner.