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New Assistants

GradMAP New Assistants

Congratulations on your assistantship appointment!

Here are a few things to watch for as you prepare to begin.

Complete Information in UI New Hire

Students with teaching, research, graduate, or pre-professional graduate assistantships (TA, RA, GA, or PGA), will need to complete payroll information in an online system called UI New Hire. Your department will provide you with the URL and give you a password to do this. Completion of the information is needed before any payments can be disbursed.


  • Illinois Human Resources provides an employee orientation for new assistants (TA, RA, GA, and PGA). 
  • New teaching assistants are required to attend a teaching orientation before beginning a teaching appointment. Check with your department for details. 
  • Your hiring unit may require additional orientation or training specific to your assistantship. For example, students working in research labs may have requirements for safety training. Check with your hiring unit for details.


When will I receive my stipend?

Assistantships are paid on the 16th of each month (unless the 16th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then paid on the Friday before). The pay period is from the 16th of one month to the 15th of the following month. For example, if you have an assistantship that begins on August 16, you should receive your first stipend payment on September 16. Payments are subject to appointment processing; any issues in the processing of your appointment will delay your stipend payment.

Does my assistantship include a tuition waiver?

Waiver-generating assistantship appointments are defined as appointments ranging from 25% through 67% time (based on a forty-hour week) for at least three-quarters of the academic term. Additional information about tuition waivers can be found at the Graduate College Handbook.

Will I need to pay taxes for my assistantship?

Assistantship stipends are taxable income, subject to federal and state withholdings. In addition, for some assistants the value of tuition and service fee waivers is considered taxable income unless exempt under the Internal Revenue Code. For more information on the taxation of tuition waivers, students may visit the Office of Business and Financial Services website or contact the University Payroll Service Center at Foreign national students who are receiving assistantships must schedule a tax status review appointment with the University Payroll Service Center to determine residency and tax status classification. To schedule this appointment, students should call the University Payroll Service Center at 217-265-6363.

What type of benefits will I receive in addition to my assistantship stipend? 

Students with waiver-generating assistantship appointments receive full coverage of the service fee, health service fee, AFMFA fee, and the Library/Technology fee and receive partial coverage of the student health insurance fee. Additionally, students with waiver generating assistantship appointments receive dental and vision insurance at no additional cost. Assistants are also eligible for holidays, sick leave, parental and bereavement leave. See the "Benefits" webpage.

Where can I go for more information?
The following links provide valuable information for graduate employees.