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New Fellows

GradMAP New Fellows

Congratulations on receiving a fellowship or traineeship for your study at the University of Illinois!

Fellowships may be awarded by the graduate program, the University, or an external organization. The Graduate College is here to help you fully understand the benefits and obligations associated with your award. All fellowships on campus are processed by the Graduate College’s Business & Fellowship Processing Office

Look for your Notice of Appointment

You will need to sign and return your Notice of Appointment along with any requested documents. It is important to complete and return any requested documents in order for your stipend payments to be disbursed on time. Most often, the documents required are the award letter sent by the funder, the document showing the terms and conditions of the award, and student identification (social security number, passport or driver’s license number, etc.)

Additional Information for Fellows

See additional information for fellows such as enrollment requirements, tuition coverage, and tax information.

Contact us:

The Graduate College Business and Fellowship Processing Office
Students seeking assistance applying for a fellowships are encouraged to review information about External Fellowships.