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Costa Rica

The below listed admission requirements are based on what we most often see from institutions within this country. However, when institutions provide a different grading scale or a different degree format, academic credentials will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine acceptable degrees and GPAs.

Academic Credentials Required for Admission:

Attested transcripts and certificate of degrees in native language required. Attested English translation of transcripts and certificate of degrees required.

Acceptable Attested English Translations:
  • Institution Translation
  • Ministry of Education Translation
  • Any Government Translation from Institution's Country
  • Any U.S. Government Agency Translation
  • ATA (American Translators Association)
Acceptable Attested Credentials:
  • Official Letterhead/Transcript Paper
  • Original Seal or Stamp, & Signature of Registrar
  • Received in Sealed Envelopes Directly from the Institution
Toefl Required:


Comparable Bachelor's Degrees:
  • Bachiller
  • Bachiller Universitario - 4 years
  • Bachillerato
  • Ingeniero
  • Licenciado
  • Licenciatura
  • Profesor de Educacion Secundaria
  • Profesor de Educacion Secundaria en Artes
  • Profesor de Educacion Tecnica
  • Titulo
  • Titulo de Conclusion de Estudios Superiores
Full Status Admission Minimum GPA Requirements:
  • 80% if B = 80 - 89%
  • 85% if B = 85 - 94%
  • 8/10