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Instructions for Non-degree Students

Applicants may seek admission to the University of Illinois as a non-degree seeking student in one of two ways*:

Non-degree admission to the Graduate College, no program assigned:

  • Available for all terms, No department approval
  • Bachelor’s degree required

Non-degree admission to a graduate program:

  • Available for all terms with department approval
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Requirements for non-degree applicants applying to a graduate program vary depending on the proposed program of study chosen. Contact your proposed program of study office for specific information on non-degree applicant requirements and deadlines.

*NOTE: These conditions do not apply to international exchange students.

International Applicants:

Non-degree enrollment is restricted and in most instances not allowed for international students who require a Certificate of Eligibility Form I-20 or DS-2019 to obtain an F-1 or J-1 visa. United States Government regulations require all F-1 and J-1 students to be engaged in a full course of study. Exceptions are made only when the applicant is sponsored by an organization, government agency, or the like that proposes and supports an educational program on a non-degree basis that is consistent with the goals of international, educational, or cultural exchange (International Exchange students) -- and only if the exchange program has been previously approved by the Graduate College.

Individuals on certain dependent visas, or J-1 Scholars, may apply for non-degree enrollment if the applicant receives the recommendation of the graduate department offering the requested course work. Financial documentation and evidence of English proficiency may also be required for admission. Not all dependent visa status categories are eligible for enrollment.
International Exchange students will be allowed to register upon arrival and check-in at the University, and must be enrolled in a full course of study.

Individuals with Disabilities:

For alternative formats of these documents, please contact our office at 217-244-4637 or the Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services at 217-333-4602 V/TTY.

All Applicants:

Domestic students and international students on enrollment-eligible dependent visas will have the following registration and enrollment restrictions if admitted as regular non-degree students:

Admitted on-campus non-degree students will be permitted to register for the fall or spring term only after the third day of instruction and have until the tenth day of instruction to register without incurring the late fine. Early registration is not permitted.

Admitted non-degree students are limited to part-time status, which is defined as fewer than 12 hours of course work in any term.

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