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Administrative Advisory Group (AAG)

The Graduate College Administrative Advisory Group (AAG) is a group of departmental administrators whose work focuses primarily on the operational aspects of Graduate College policies and procedures.

Membership 2019-2020

Penny Ames IS School of Information Sciences Final term SP 22
Diana Gonzalez BUS Business Administration Final term SP 22
Lana Holben LAS Geology Final term SP 20
Amy McCullough ENG Master of Engineering programs Final term SP 21
Kathryn Smith ENG Mechanical Science and Engineering Final term SP 21
Shawna Smith LAS Molecular and Cellular Biology Final term SP 21
Cheryl Street SOC Social Work Final term SP 20
Jessica Hartke ACES Division of Nutritional Sciences Final term SP 22
Aaron Thompson LAS Statistics Final term SP 20
Raymona Wicks FAA School of Architecture Final term SP 22
Cindy Wood BUS Accountancy Final term SP 20
Lisa Marinelli BUS Business Online Programs Final term SP 22

Ex-officio Members

Emily Wuchner Chair Graduate College
Meg Siebenhar ex officio Graduate College
Alex Finiak ex officio Graduate College
Matt Abbott ex officio               Graduate College
Christina Harms ex officio Graduate College
Maria Chandler-McCollum ex officio International Student and Scholar Services