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Administrative Advisory Group (AAG)

The Graduate College Administrative Advisory Group (AAG) is a group of departmental administrators whose work focuses primarily on the operational aspects of Graduate College policies and procedures.

Membership 2023-2024

Becky Barker LER School of Labor and Employment Relations Final term SP 24
Mindy Calcagno ENG Civil & Environmental Engineering Final term SP 24
Shannon Croft LAS History Final Term SP 24
Ellen de Waard FAA Art & Design Final Term SP 24
Dylan Thomas BUS Gies College of Business Online Programs Final Term SP 24
Becca Snook ACES Food Science and Human Nutrition Final Term SP 25
Robb Larson LAS School of Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics Final Term SP 25
Karin Readel ENG Bioengineering Final Term SP 25
Viveka Kudaligama ENG Computer Science Final Term SP 25
Staci Baxley AHS Kinesiology and Community Health Final Term SP 26
Karen Nichols VET Pathobiology Final Term SP 26
June Clark Eubanks LAS Psychology Final Term SP 26
Karla Lucht BUS Finance Final Term SP 26
Lori Fuller EDU Education Final Term SP 26

Ex-officio Members

Emily Wuchner Chair Graduate College
Meg Siebenhar ex officio Graduate College
Matt Abbott ex officio               Graduate College
Christina Harms ex officio Graduate College
Debra Tiedemann ex officio Graduate College
Bree Singleton ex officio International Student and Scholar Services