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Graduate College Admissions Review Toolkit

To support programs as they admit the graduate students that make up our vibrant educational community, the Graduate College has developed an admissions review toolkit.

This toolkit is designed to serve as a resource to graduate departments and their admissions committees. You will find guidance and best practices designed to aide departments conducting admissions reviews for graduate applicants, along with resources to implementing holistic admissions.

The University of Illinois strives to cultivate students and future alumni to be responsible citizens and leaders who value knowledge, creativity, global awareness, and social and cultural understanding. Our vision, as part of the university’s strategic priorities, is to create “an institution committed to excellence in discovery, teaching, and research, and a climate where all can achieve their highest aspirations in a safe and welcoming environment.” 

What You’ll Find in the Toolkit

The toolkit offers guidance and best practices for:

  • Admissions Committees
  • Holistic Review Strategies
  • Admissions and Funding Offers
  • Admissions Review Systems

In addition, we have included training modules and admissions policy resources for admissions committee members and all graduate faculty who review applications. We also have resources for implementing a holistic review process for your department; for each stage of the admissions process, you will find questions to ask, steps to consider, and tools to support your work.

How to Access the Toolkit

The full toolkit is available through the Slate admissions portal. If you currently have access to Slate, you can find the toolkit here. If you do not currently have Slate access and would like to view the toolkit, please email