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Faculty/Staff Toolkit for Thesis Deposit and Review

Thesis Review iconWelcome to the toolkit page for thesis reviewers! Here you will find resources and answers to help you prepare your students for a smooth deposit process with the Graduate College Thesis Office. If you are a Departmental Format Reviewer additional information is available.

Thesis Requirements

The current list of Graduate College thesis requirements is available online.

Checklists and Other Downloadable Deposit Resources

Thesis Deadlines

Deadlines related to thesis deposit are listed on the Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions: Thesis Deposit

How is departmental approval of a thesis communicated to the Graduate College?
There are two important parts to the departmental approval process: The Thesis/Dissertation Approval (TDA) form and the Departmental Format Approval (DFA) notice. The TDA form indicates that the master’s adviser or doctoral committee has approved the thesis or dissertation for deposit with the Graduate College, while the DFA notice indicates that the thesis format has been reviewed and approved by the assigned thesis format reviewer for the student’s program. (The TDA form replaced the Certificate of Committee Approval, or the “red-bordered form”.)

Didn’t we already submit the TDA form after the student’s defense?
You may be thinking of the Final Exam Result (FER) form, which indicates the result of the doctoral final examination. A doctoral student may have passed the final exam on the condition that further revisions to the dissertation be completed prior to deposit. The TDA form indicates that the committee has determined the dissertation is ready for deposit.

What signatures are required on the TDA form?
Beginning in August 2014 there are two versions of the TDA form: one for master’s students and one for doctoral students. Because Graduate College policy requires a master’s thesis to be approved by a graduate faculty member, at least one of the signatures in the Adviser Approval or Additional Approval sections of a master’s TDA form must be that of a graduate faculty member. On the doctoral TDA form, the student’s director of research (adviser) and all committee members who voted to pass the student at the final exam (defense) are required to sign. All TDA forms must be signed by the department head.

What if an adviser or committee member is not on campus to sign the TDA form?
Signatures of advisers or committee members may be obtained by faxing or scanning and emailing the form for the off-campus individual to sign (signatures must be hand-written) and return. All signatures must be on the same form.

What signatures are required to be original?
TDA and doctoral examination result (PER/FER) forms submitted as scanned copies by authorized departmental faculty or staff via the appropriate secured link on the Graduate College website do not require original (wet-ink) signatures. If hard copies of these forms are delivered to 204 Coble Hall, only the signature of the department head (or authorized signatory) must be original.

What if the department head is unavailable to sign the TDA form?
Consult the GC Roles & Access Manager for your department or program. Anyone authorized to sign the TDA form may do so on behalf of the department head. Please note that an authorized signatory should sign his or her own name and not that of the department head.

I am not able to open the Departmental Format Approval submission form; how do I gain access?
Access to the DFA is restricted to the active thesis format reviewer(s) for each program. To add a new thesis format reviewer, a program should update their roles within the GC Roles & Access Manager.

Does the student’s name on the TDA form or title page have to match the official version of their name in Banner?
This is no longer required by the Graduate College.

Where do I find the degree and program names that should appear in the text block on the title page?
The degree and program names may be found by entering the student's UIN into SGASTDN (in Banner). After clicking the "Next Block" button, the degree name appears in "Curricula Summary - Primary" under the heading "Degree". The program name appears in "Field of Study Summary" under the heading "Field of Study". Click here to see the degree and program location on the SGASTDN screen.

How do students begin the process of submitting an electronic thesis or dissertation to the Graduate College?
After the student has made ALL revisions and corrections and the thesis has been approved by the department, a student may begin the electronic submission process by proceeding to the electronic thesis/dissertation (ETD) submission page. Please note that submission of an ETD is not the same as thesis deposit; the ETD is considered deposited only after all corrections requested by the Graduate College have been satisfactorily completed and all required supporting items have been received by the Thesis Office.