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Resources for Thesis Format Reviewers

Thesis Format Reviewer: The department’s resource on all matters related to thesis and dissertation deposit. In addition to reviewing and approving the format of theses for students in the program(s), this person is responsible for communicating timely information about the deposit process to students and faculty, including deposit deadlines, format requirements, and the details of the department’s review procedure. This person is authorized to access the online Departmental Format Approval Form, which the Graduate College must receive before it will review a student’s thesis, and will be included in our Thesis Reviewer email list.

A Thesis Format Reviewer is named by the Executive Officer of a unit using the GC Roles & Access Manager.

Resources for Thesis Format Reviewers

Departmental Format Approval Process

Submission of the student's Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form (TDA) indicates that the thesis has been approved by 1) the student's adviser and committee and 2) the department. The TDA should be submitted through the Graduate College Form Drop-off site. Do not submit the TDA until the form has received both committee and departmental approval.

Note: Only individuals listed as an active Graduate Contact, Secondary Graduate Contact, and Director of Graduate Studies in the Graduate College Roles & Access Manager will be able to submit this form.

Don’t hesitate to email or call with questions

  • Graduate College Thesis Office at or 333-6278