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Stage 1 of the Thesis Process: Development

As you develop ideas, collect data, research, and write your thesis, the resources below and additonal thesis resources can help.

Whether you are just starting your research or putting the finishing touches on your final draft, representatives from The Writers Workshop are happy to help! Visit our Writing Resources page to learn more.

The University of Illinois has one of the largest libraries in the country! In addition to the books and electronic items, the library also has staff to answer copyright questions or advise on data management techniques, and there are plenty of workshops to help you with aspects of the research process. Take a look at our Libraries and Research Resources page for more information.

If you are working with human or animal subjects in your thesis or if the information in your thesis is potentially patentable, there are special steps that you need to take. Our Training and Compliance page has information that can connect you to the resources you need.

Whether you need to learn how to navigate Microsoft Word, download the latest software, or your computer has a virus, the campus has many technology resources to help you. Visit our Computing Resources page to learn more.

Departmental requirements

Students should check with their departments early in the writing process so that they are aware of any program- or department-specific format requirements as the thesis or dissertation is developed.

Style guides

The Graduate College does not require the use of any particular style, although some departments do. Students with format-related questions that are not specifically covered by either Graduate College or departmental requirements are encouraged to consult a style guide relevant to their discipline. Examples of informative style guides are