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Proposed Programs of Study

Selecting your Program of Study

A complete list of our graduate programs is available in the Illinois Graduate Programs of Study. Each program listing will provide an overview of the program, along with admissions and degree completion requirements.

The Directory of Graduate Programs provides website and contact information for each available program. Your proposed program of study is best able to advise you throughout your application process.

Application deadlines vary by degree program and not all programs admit to all terms. Visit your proposed program of study's web site to determine the application deadline. If you apply after the posted deadline, full consideration is not guaranteed, and no application fee refunds will be granted.

Individual graduate programs may ask customized questions on the application, including your proposed field of specialization or any potential faculty members you would want to work with. We encourage you to review faculty profiles and information about fields of specialization on your proposed program's web site. We also encourage you to reach out to programs directly to learn more about the program overall and its faculty.

If you have already been awarded a graduate degree, please review our duplicate degree policy.

Online and Site-Based Programs

Many graduate programs are offered completely online or in a format of online with some campus visits required. Some programs are offered at site-based locations throughout Illinois. Click here for a list of online and site-based programs.

Note: I-20s will not be issued to international students admitted to online programs. International students may only enroll in online programs at the University of Illinois if they maintain a non-student visa status that allows for study, or if the student plans to remain in his/her home country for the duration of the online program.


Applicants who wish to be considered for admission to multiple programs of study should submit multiple applications, application fees, and appropriate supporting materials to each program of study office. You will only need to create one online application account and can add multiple applications to this account. Students may be enrolled in only one program of study at a time, unless enrolled in an approved joint program of study.

Please note that your application may be considered for multiple programs if your application is not selected for admission by your original proposed program. However, many departments require an additional application to be submitted before reviewing for additional programs.


If applying to a joint degree program for admission, you will be required to submit two online graduate applications. Each application has program-specific application questions and upload requirements, so an individual application is required. In the online application, you will be able to select a Primary Program and a Secondary Program. You'll need to submit one application with Program A as your Primary Program, and another application Program B as your Primary Program.

You application will be viewed by both academic programs, and you only need to pay one application fee. When submitting your second application, please indicate "Joint Program 2nd Application" in the Allied Agency field in the Application Fee Waiver section on the Program page.

For a complete list of joint programs available to applicants, please visit our Academic Catalog.

If applying to a joint degree program with the College of Law's JD program for admission, you will be required to submit one graduate online application and another separate application for the College of Law through or For instructions regarding College of Law acceptance for this joint program, please visit the College of Law website for more information.