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Administering NIH Training and Fellowship Grants

Tuition and Fee Charges

Twice a year (~December and June) tuition and fee charges will be assessed to NIH grants in accordance with sponsor regulations. The Grants and Contracts Office ensures that assessments for each student are charged to the appropriate grant. (See Tips for Calculating Tuition and Fees for NIH Training Grant Proposals for more information.)

Stipend Supplementation and Compensation

NIH policy requires all fellows and trainees to pursue their research training on a full time basis, normally defined as 40 hours per week. Stipends may be supplemented by the University from non-Federal funds provided this supplementation is without any additional obligation for the fellow. Federal funds may not be used for stipend supplementation unless specifically authorized under the terms of the program from which funds are derived. Under no circumstances may PHS funds be used for supplementation.  Under no circumstances may the conditions of stipend supplementation or the services provided for compensation interfere with, detract from, or prolong the fellow’s approved training program.

Concurrent Appointment for Compensation of Services

NIH recognizes that fellows may seek part-time employment “incidental to their training program to offset further their expenses”, but expects that compensation will be for “limited part-time employment apart from the normal full-time training activities”. Given the NIH guidelines, University policy will allow for concurrent assistantship appointments to be provided each semester of the NIH fellowship or traineeship period if the following criteria are met:

  • The assistantship appointment FTE does not exceed 25%.
  • Prior approval by the Graduate College.
  • Confirmation by the student’s academic advisor or Director of Graduate Studies that compensation associated with a research assistantship is not paid from a research grant that supports the same research that is part of the trainee’s planned training experience as approved in the NIH application.
  • Confirmation by the student’s academic advisor or Director of Graduate Studies that the assistantship obligations will not interfere with, detract from or prolong the fellow's approved NIH training program.
  • Tuition and fees will continue to be charged to the grant in accordance with the NIH formula.

    To request Graduate College approval of a concurrent appointment, please complete the Concurrent Appointment Approval Request Form and submit it to

Stipend Supplementation

NIH fellows and trainees may receive supplemental appointments (processed as fellowships) if the stipend is paid from non-federal funds and the supplemental appointment requires no additional obligation from the fellow. The supplemental fellowship appointment would be processed through the Graduate College Fellowship Office.


General questions about concurrent appointments for fellows or trainees may be addressed to the Graduate College Fellowship Office (, 333-0036).

Questions regarding NIH grant proposals should be addressed to the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Administration (, 333-2187).

Questions regarding awarded NIH grants should be addressed to the Office of Grants and Contracts Post Award (, 333-2186). 



Revised January 2009