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Course Options for Postdocs

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Some postdoctoral scholars may find courses useful for augmenting their subject area knowledge or developing their language skills. Scholars may choose to audit a course or take a course for credit.

Auditing a Course

An “auditor” is only a listener in the classes attended; he or she is not a participant in any part of the exercises. To audit a course, the auditor must receive permission from the course instructor and college dean on the Auditor’s Permit form to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. A small fee is assessed for each course.

Taking a Course for Credit

If you are interested in taking a course for credit, you must apply to the University of Illinois. Learn more about the process for applying as a non-degree seeking graduate student. Associated tuition and fees will be assessed.

Postdoctoral research associates may be eligible for an employee tuition waiver depending on the terms of the appointment. Check with Human Resources in advance to see if you are eligible.

Postdoctoral fellows are not eligible for tuition and fee waivers.

Parkland College

Parkland College is a two-year college located in northwest Champaign that offers credit and non-credit programs, including English as a Second Language programs.