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About this Resource

The thesis is similar to research projects that most graduate students have worked on previously in their careers, but there are important differences that often pose new challenges.  This web resource has been developed to provide graduate students with strategies to assist with thesis research, writing, and large-project management. There are three sections to this web resource:

Workplace Obstacles

The first section examines four systemic factors that often make it difficult to complete large projects in professional workplaces.

Personal Challenges

The second section examines five of the most typical difficulties experienced by graduate students while working on the thesis. Each section will examine how these issues typically affect progress on the thesis, and strategies will be provided for managing them more effectively.  

Thesis Writing Strategies

The third section focuses on large-project management skills and includes recommendations for developing a plan for completion. This section also focuses on specific strategies and tools that can be utilized to help meet goals.  This section will include: